We help businesses quickly find affordable, high-quality office space rentals and negotiate with the Landlord to strike the best deal!


We locate available spaces


We negotiate with the landlord


You pick up keys & move in

How much time will you waste?

Sifting through hundreds of office space listings is time consuming, and takes away from time you could be spending on running your business.

Can you negotiate the best deal?

If you do find a space you like, how do you know you’ll negotiate the best deal?

There are two ways to win in a negotiation. One is to have an information advantage. The other is to simply be a more seasoned and skilled negotiator. We check both of those boxes for you, and therefore level the playing field.


Avoid overpaying due to hidden costs.


Avoid getting tied up in too long of a lease term.

Learn how to spot Landlord’s you want to do business with, and avoid the unsavory ones.
Don’t get stuck in a bad deal!

What you get when you partner with us

You shouldn’t have to stumble through the complex, stressful, and time-consuming process to find an office space. Let us help you!


Save Money

We’ll negotiate the best possible deal for you. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you and keep your monthly rent as low as possible.


Save Time

We’ll sift through listings and find options that fit your needs, saving you hours of time. You focus on running your business and we’ll find your next office space.

Simplify the Process

We’ll work with the Landlord as they prepare the space for you, to ensure it’s delivered on-time and as promised. You just show up and grab the keys.

Our decades of experience means you get the best deal

We’ll lead you in the right direction and help you expertly navigate the process with ease.

Over the last 40 years we’ve helped more than 1,000 small businesses find new office space.

Put our decades of experience to work for you.

Find office space the easy way

We listen

You describe your ideal work space including desired amenities, location, size, budget, etc.

Then we use our industry connections alongside proprietary database tools to search and locate all possible options that closely match your criteria.

Tour space

After the results are curated we’ll select the best matches and then it’s time to setup a tour to view the spaces.

We’ll coordinate the tours around your schedule.

Lease & prepare space

We’ll use our knowledge and experience to negotiate the most favorable deal that gets you everything you need (within budget, ideal length of term, buildout, etc).

We’ll monitor the progress as the space is prepared for you.

You just pick-up the keys when the space is ready!

A few more ways we can help

Having an expert in your corner makes finding, negotiating, and settling into your new office space simple and painless.


Market Intelligence

We ourselves own and manage office buildings, so we understand how it works. Our unparalleled insight allows us to side-step pitfalls and get you the best deal.

Expansion Rights

We’ll build-in options for you to expand your space during your lease term, giving your business the flexibility to grow.

Lease Negotiation

We’ll keep your rates low, while ensuring you get a high-quality space. We take care of the entire negotiation process.

Lease Renewal

Not only do we help you with your new lease, we’ll also help you negotiate your lease renewal when the time comes. We can also build-in options for you to easily renew your lease.

We understand the market.

We know where to start looking.
We know what to expect in terms of pricing and negotiations.
We do all the legwork for you.
We negotiate savings and amenities on your behalf.

Doesn’t cost you a dime out-of-pocket! – the fees are paid by landlords.

Recognized authority

Over the years we’ve been recognized on a local and national level as experts in commercial real estate leasing.

Here are a few places where we’ve been published and recognized…

High standards & hard work
equal satisfied clients

Wondering what it’s really like to work with Eli and JGM Properties? Listen to what our clients have to say…

Eli answered any questions I had

Eli is amazing, he was so helpful in finding an office suite that would work perfectly for me. Eli went the extra mile, helping me with the planning process as we looked into options that could work based on the square footage and layout of the floor plan, and he was always there to answer any questions I had.

Peaceful Waters

JGM had my best interests in mind

I feel comfortable knowing that JGM strives to be the best in town and that they had my best interests in mind when helping me get into my space. They make it feel more like a partnership than a business transaction. They truly do go out of their way. I am quite sure they do it better than most. Thank you JGM for all that you do.

Da Vinci Restoration

JGM helped us display our credibility

We love our office space! Clients frequently meet in our offices and often comment what a refreshing, inviting, and comfortable environment that we provide which I believe has enhanced our business relationships and helped display our own credibility. From startup to seasoned companies, I would recommend JGM.

City’s Best Marketing

A 5 star rating for us

JGM provides the most personal and active approach and that’s important to me. They go above and beyond the normal process. All of these things add up to a 5 star rating for us.

Intelligent Lighting

Frequently asked questions

No doubt you have a few questions. Take a look through our FAQ, if we haven’t answered it already we’re happy to jump on the phone with you to discuss.

How much will it cost for us to represent you?

It costs absolutely nothing to put us to work for you. The landlord pays us a commission if and when a deal gets done. They already have these broker fees factored into their budgets, so it doesn’t impact your bottom line.

So the question is how much money will you leave on the table without our assistance?

Let us help you save money at no cost to you!

Will being represented by us save you money?

Yes indeed, we will definitely be able to negotiate a better deal than you would be able to do on your own. Because we understand how deals work and where we have room to negotiate more aggressively.

For example, it’s very typical that we can find an additional $1 or $2 per SqFt of negotiating room on most deals for spaces over 1,000 SqFt. If we can get a $2 per SqFt reduction on your 2,000 SqFt space, on a 5 year lease that results in a $20,000 savings.

On top of that, we also understand how to get your rent abated (free rent) when you initially move-in.

We can also negotiate the deal so that you start paying at a reduced rate.

Furthermore we understand how to negotiate an improvement allowance, to be used for space modifications.

We know all of the levers that can be pulled, and which combinations to pull them in…to result in the landlord agreeing to the most favorable deal for you.

What types of businesses do we work with?

We work with all types and sizes of businesses. We’ve helped folks who need 500 SqFt up 50,000 SqFt. While our typical clients range from 500-5,000 SqFt, we can help anyone who needs office space, no matter how big or small.

Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of businesses in the Twin Cities ranging the spectrum of business types from: attorneys, accounts, engineering firms, charter schools, non-profits, churches, and many other general businesses.

Whether you’re in need of class a space downtown, or space in a more moderately priced suburban office park…if you need to find an office space to rent we can assist you!

What resources do we have access to that you don’t?

We have access to industry specific tools that the general public doesn’t have access to. This allows us to see, and flush out every property that has availability on the open market, along with some spaces that will otherwise never make it to market, because they get leased that quickly.

Without access to these advanced tools, the average business owner searching on their own to find a space is only seeing about 30% of the total listings that are actually vacant or coming available. This is yet another reason to utilize our services. You want to be sure you’re seeing all of the available options on the market, not just the 1/3 you can see by searching the internet on your own.

We also have access to a broadcasting tool that goes out to everyone that owns or represents office space listings available for lease in the Twin Cities (there are about 1,000 of us). As part of the searching process we’ll send a broadcast email to all 1,000 of these folks, that lists out your “ideal space criteria”.

Then we let them respond back with suitable options. In one-fell-swoop this will flush out a large amount of qualified spaces that are available. Instead of you spending hours searching on your own for spaces, we get the Landlords and their reps to flood our inbox with qualified options.

This is another example of our experience turning into efficiencies that can be leveraged to control the outcome to your advantage.

How accurate are online listing sites?

Office space listings found online are notorious for not being up to date or accurate. Many of the spaces that are listed as available have already been leased, but they haven’t been taken off the market yet, leading to false-positives when it comes to identifying available spaces.

Oftentimes there are also spaces that are soon to be vacant, or that have a month-to-month tenant occupying them. Both of these scenarios are also not reflected when you’re searching online listings. We have proprietary access to the most accurate listing sites on the market, leaving no stone unturned.

We also have the ability to broadcast and inbox landlords or their representatives to flush out the off-market spaces that could be viable options for you. This tactic isn’t an option for those who don’t use our services.

Our extensive connections within the industry will be of benefit to you when we assist you in your search for a new office space.

How long will it take to find your ideal office space?

We’re very good at finding office spaces, so in a pinch we can find suitable spaces in a matter of days. Ideally it’s better to plan ahead and give yourself time to: identify a space, negotiate a deal, and then get the space prepared for your targeted move-in date.

Generally you should start the process to find office space 90 days or more prior to your ideal move-in date. That being said, we regularly have folks that contact us on a Monday, and are moving into the new space that same week, or the following week.

Whatever your time-line to find an office space is; whether it’s sooner or later, we can help!

When will your new office space be ready for occupancy?

This will vary based on the nature of the deal, and the condition of the space. If the space just needs a deep-cleaning, it could be ready for occupancy in a matter of days. Other spaces might need new carpet and a repaint, which could be done in 30 days or less. If you have more extensive construction to do, or a full buildout is required, or you need to make some general modifications to the space, these scenarios generally results in a 45-60 day lead time for a space to be move-in ready.

We’re involved in around 80-100 lease deals each year, so we’ve seen all different types of projects that have resulted in varying lead times. Because of our experience we understand what is acceptable and what is not regarding time frames for scheduling. We’ll manage this process for you as part of our service.

We’ll ensure your project has a reasonable timeline for completion, and that the Landlord and their vendors adhere to the set timeline.

What happens after you move into your new office space?

Once your new office space is ready we’ll make sure you get settled in. But that’s not where our relationship ends.

We’ll continue to be available to you should you have any questions about the new space, or need to work through anything with the space itself, the building, or the landlord. We won’t disappear on you…we’re here to help in the short-term and long-term.

When it’s time to renew your lease we’re here to help you get the best deal with your landlord. Once again this service costs you nothing!

Should you decide you want to move to another location at the end of your lease we’ll be ready to help you find a new home for your business.

Or maybe you need to expand during your lease to a larger space. We can also help you with that.

Whatever you need we’re here to help! For us it’s about building long-term relationships, and being of service.